Waxing Poetic Touchstone Pendant - Able Goddess Moonstone Talisman


Waxing Poetic

$ 125.00

Part of the Touchstones Collection of healing gem stones, the Able Goddess Moonstone Talisman highlights a luminous, hand-cut natural moonstone wrapped in fine brass wire and adorned with a circular brass glyph dotted with a small Swarovski crystal. Moonstone is one of the most alluring semi-precious stones, and depending on how it is cut has a luminosity that seems to radiate from within. Known as a sensual, nourishing stone that embodies qualities of the divine feminine, moonstone is believed to promote inner growth and intuitive development for those who wear it, and promote abiding love and lasting good fortune.

Stone cut and color may vary.

Materials: Moonstone, Brass, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal

Charm Size: 1 Inch

*Availability shown is reflective of inventory at Ashlins and/or Waxing Poetic

 THSN4MS-Touchstones-Rose-Moonstone-Turquoise-Talisman-Pendant-on-M88 Tripper Chain M12 Twisted Link Chain Waxing-Poetic

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