Waxing Poetic Space Earrings- NEW


Waxing Poetic

$ 110.00

Waxing Poetic Space Earrings - These enchanting earrings owe their origin story in part to our ongoing love of all things celestial and our ever-ready impulse to meet an aesthetic challenge, like…how exactly do we depict that kind of love – of space, of light, of wonder at the heavens? An outer circle acts as both echo and frame to an inner circle, brimming with a dazzling horizon depicted within itself, achieved by framing a night-sky field of Swarovski crystals. Both hang from a brass disc accented with an alluring crystal. Luminous, beautiful, and ready to be adored (just like you)

Materials: Brass, Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals


*Availability reflected is either at Ashlins and/or Waxing Poetic


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