Waxing Poetic Blessings Heart Charm Bracelet


Waxing Poetic

$ 198.00

This bracelet serves as a reminder of how blessed we are and to live in every moment. A sterling silver heart charm etched with the words COUNT MY BLESSINGS floats along a sterling silver twisted wire bangle. The bangle is charmable, allowing the addition of charms to further signify thanks to all we hold dear.

A blessing poem accompanies the bracelet and guides us through the intention

  • Receive and Return On this day
  • And everyday I count my blessings
  • And open my heart
  • To receive them fully and to return this
  • Love even more

    Materials: Sterling Silver & Brass

    Size: 2-5/8 Inch Diameter  3/4 Inch Charm Included

    The Blessings Heart Charm Bangle Bracelet shown is carrying a Personal Vocabulary PV2MS-PUPY Puppy Love Bone Charm, Foundation Stone S401-10 Opal, PV2MS-BOW Bow Love Charm, and Foundation Stone S401-12 Topaz Charm


    Poetic Story Charmable Bracelets are designed to fit Waxing Poetic’s complete line of charms and pendants by way of charm clip or simply sliding onto a closed bangle or bracelet chain. Interchange stories for a different look and build a collection marking time. Other bracelets in the line are simpler complete looks that carry their own sentiments. Giftable and stackable, these styles intermix well with any look in the line.

    Waxing Poetic’s personal, imaginative designs are crafted of sterling silver and mixed metals, and also in a variety of antique inspired fabrications. Offering exclusive insignia, iconic and keepsake collections, easy ways to combine jewelry into a personal statement, and top-notch quality.  The heirloom-quality designs have been lauded by numerous publications, and loved by many women for their quiet, relaxed luxury. Based on the charming central coast of California we find great joy in the humble and glorious, the everyday and the extraordinary, and in the great Design of Life. We look forward to helping you discover new ways to tell and share your own stories through the modern-traditional designs that we hope will remain your classics for years to come.


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