Maple Leaf Oval Custom Cutting Board without Handles


Maple Leaf at Home Custom Cutting Boards

$ 123.00

To purchase please come visit us in Grapevine, TX at 413 South Main Street (Historic District), call 817-442-0400 during normal store hours, or send us an email and let us know what describes the specific colors, sizes, designs and accessories interests you.


Choose Your Shape, Font, Picture, and Personalize the Front and Back of Your Board

Choose Your Oval Size 
12" x  8" x 1.25"
18" x 12" x 1.25"


Prices range from $123 to $192 (Includes up to 3 lines of text)

Extra lines of text, photographs, custom art, and engraving around the edges are available and there may be small up charges

Standard lead time for custom boards is 10 to 14 days to deliver.  Can be expedited with a small additional Rush Fee  


Maple Leaf at Home products are 100% produced and manufactured in the U.S.A. The cutting boards & servers are all made from North American hardwoods, and are the finest in quality, workmanship and design. The raw lumber is milled and transported by truck to our finishing mills in North Texas. Each is then cut, color matched, glued, routered and hand-sanded to our specifications. They are then oiled by hand with the highest quality butcher block conditioner to ensure the rich color and protection of each board. Our engraving process etches and burns in the design giving our boards a unique and personal result to be enjoyed for years to come.

The primary wood utilized is Premium Hard Maple which remains the preferred hardwood for cutting boards because it is resilient, durable, sanitary, knife-friendly, easily cleaned, and inhibits bacteria growth.

Each Maple Leaf at Home product goes through at least an 8-step process, most of which is done by hand and receives careful attention to detail and quality to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction.

Offers high-quality cutting boards which come in almost 40 various shapes and sizes with finger groove handles or rustic, hand-forged iron handles.

All boards are made in the USA with premium quality hard maple wood and make a great portable cutting work surface or an elegant serving tray and comes with rubber feet for a secure grip and has been sealed with butcher block oil to ensure long-lasting durability.

The strips of maple are color graded and matched before cutting and routing of the cutting board.



Keep your Maple Leaf at Home cutting board clean by simply washing it with hot soapy water after each use and dry it with a clean paper towel or let it air dry. Do not soak or submerge the board in water, for this will disrupt the moisture content and cause the rails to split. Wood cutting boards are NOT dishwasher safe.

It is extremely important to give your cutting board a good oiling on all surfaces every 3-4 weeks. Your Maple Leaf at Home Board shipped from the factory with a coat of high-quality butcher block conditioner which protects and prolongs the life of your board. We recommend keeping the board oiled with Maple Leaf's board oil, board wax, mineral oil, butcher block oil, butcher block conditioner.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Cutting Board

Scrub board with hot water and soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly. NOTE: NEVER submerge cutting boards in a sink of water! Wood is porous and will soak up water causing the cutting board to crack when it dries.

If you want to sanitize the board more thoroughly, a diluted mixture of chlorine bleach or vinegar solution consisting of one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach in one quart of water or a one to five dilution of vinegar.

All cutting boards, and other food surfaces, should be kept dry when not in use. Resident bacteria survive no more than a few hours without moisture. Keep moisture of any type from standing on the block for long periods of time. Beware of moisture collecting beneath the board if you leave it on the counter. If you can, prop board up when not using your board.

DO NOT attempted to use any board for cooking; all boards are for SERVING only. NEVER use boards for cooking.

DO NOT submerge any cutting board in water.

DO NOT attempt to clean in a dishwasher. NEVER clean boards in dishwasher.