Waxing Poetic Bee Brave Honey Bee Pendant


Waxing Poetic

$ 75.00

As a symbol and a species, Bees have fascinated and marveled humans for millennia. Mythology the world round is filled with bee stories. In ancient Near Eastern and Aegean cultures, bees held a kind of sacred status, thought to bridge the gap between the supernatural and ordinary worlds. The Mayans worshipped a bee deity amongst their pantheon of gods. Civilizations ranging from those in ancient Greece to Revolutionary-era France to Victorian England to 20th century America and beyond have employed bees and their related imagery + trappings all over their art/architecture/intellectual/symbolic output, and despite being thousands of years and continents apart, everyone seems to admire bees for similar reasons: they work together; they’re quick; they make delicious things (mmmmm honey); they both embody and build intricate systems/networks and…they’re beautiful to look at (from a safe distance). As icons, bees are said to bring luck, promote industriousness and goodwill among colleagues, and evoke regality.

Sterling Silver, Brass & Resin

Charm Size: 1.25"

Available in Black or Aqua

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