Marquise Cassandra Envelope Pillow



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Embrace Cassandra and experience old world opulence. Luxurious damask and velvet fabrics in high contrast jewel tones meet ornate trimmings to convey the highest level of aristocratic taste.

Cassandra Envelope Pillow

·  Decorative fabrics on both sides

·  Beautiful piecing and trimmings

·  Cloud Down Alternative pillow insert

·  Zipper closure for easy care

·  Custom options available 

·  Dimensions: 13" x 22"


Marquise, a new line of luxury bedding and home decor from Eastern Accents, draws inspiration from the decadent, impressive interiors of historic European estates. Richly textured and weighty fabrics, intricate brooches and jeweled embellishments, and layered finishing touches reference the core design elements of Marquise.

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