Barboglio Esfera Vela Candle - RETIRED SUPPLY IS LIMITED


Jan Barboglio

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Jan Barboglio Esfera Vela Candle has 3 iron strands ringed around a hand blown clear vessel with a translucent colored glass sphere ornament, and above, a wrought iron flower petals with Jan Barboglio stamped in the center.  

Watching the candlelight shine and dance through the translucent colored ornament is a beautiful showing of light and colors and provides hours of opportunities to enjoy the show.

Dimensions: 3 1/2" x 5" x 5 1/2"

Colors: Azul Blue, Green, Red

All remaining stock is reflected available, and ready for immediate shipment in the continental USA

This beautiful candle was designed for Holidays 2016 and New Year 2017 Seasons

and has been RETIRED to the Jan Barboglio Library.



Texas designer Jan Barboglio's line of rustic home decor and accessories capture the allure and charm of Old Mexico. These works of art feature hand wrought, high quality, heavy-weight iron and nickel. The hand-hammered metal is often paired with hand blown glass like the Barboglio wine carafe, decanters, or with clear and colored glass in vases, sconces, and votive holders.

These are one of a kind products offering distinct beauty; slight irregularities, imperfections, and variations of shading and texture are characteristic of the material and the finishing process. All items are made by hand in Barboglio's native country of Mexico.

Rugged, exotic, passionate about quality hammered iron, hand wrought iron, nickel, and hand crafted glass collections of Home Decor, Table Top, Kitchen, and Home Furnishings.