Waxing Poetic Twisted Link Brass Chain and Brass Rings


Waxing Poetic

$ 51.00

Every so often, even the most beloved of habits (and by habits, here we refer to chains and the wearing of charms…) need a little twisting to keep things interesting.

Oh you say? Yes.

Here’s one of our newest delights: a chain to enchant and bewilder – in a good way. A bit edgier (or maybe we should say twistier ) and fashion-forward than some of our other chains, this particular beauty is ready to hold and highlight any of your favorite (and future) Waxing Poetic charms while imbuing them with new stylistic life. If you’d rather wear it sans charms, it hangs prettily alone too (although as we often say in our flagship store, and to each other in studio, there is almost never harm in making your chains make friends with one another – i.e. pile on the goods if you wish).  Designed in California and made in Bali, with love, brass, and mischief.

Materials: Brass

Sizes: 18"

Chains frame the décolletage and face and provide a focal to present charms and pendants outwardly from the heart. The type, size and length of a chain can express a personal style and set a tone for the adornments to follow. Chains are carriers for symbols and milestones that we present like a badge or token of moments and they are equally beautiful worn alone and in layers.

Waxing Poetic’s personal, imaginative designs are crafted of sterling silver and mixed metals, and also in a variety of antique inspired fabrications. Offering exclusive insignia, iconic and keepsake collections, easy ways to combine jewelry into a personal statement, and top-notch quality.  The heirloom-quality designs have been lauded by numerous publications, and loved by many women for their quiet, relaxed luxury. Based on the charming central coast of California we find great joy in the humble and glorious, the everyday and the extraordinary, and in the great Design of Life. We look forward to helping you discover new ways to tell and share your own stories through the modern-traditional designs that we hope will remain your classics for years to come.

If a particular color or size appears to be unavailable, please call 817-442-0400 or click on “Ask a Question” and let us know which specific colors, sizes, designs and accessories interest you.  We will double check inventory and merchandise supplier and get back to you with earliest ship date or special order information