ADA Wrap Belt Light Solids


ADA Collection

$ 77.00

ADA signature one-size fits most versatile no buckle belt.  Handcrafted with genuine Argentinean vegetable tanned textured leather.  So many ways to tie this wrap belt, Rosette (Shown below), Men's Tie, Ocho Knot, Braided, Knotted, and more 

Arch-like cut for a fine fit

3" wide at widest central part

Length – 92” (Measurements are approximate)

Colors: Camel, Cream, Fuchsia, Grey, Lavender

“Our goal is to create designs that speak not only to us, but also reflect the personal style and self-expression of the modern day woman.”  

Pick any piece from the collection for every occasion that broadcast an effortless chic.

If a particular color appears to be unavailable, please click on “Ask a Question” and let us know what you need.  We will double check inventory and merchandise supplier and get back to you with earliest ship date or special order information.