Ashlins Dispenser Bottle Stopper


Ashlins, LTD

$ 18.00

Don’t lift that rock! A Unique accessory for your Granite Stone Beverage Dispenser, AKA the “Booze Dispenser” We call it the “I ain’t liftin that rock ” accessory.  Use our handy rock handled stopper to put you bottle in the Granite Stone Beverage Dispenser without making a mess

Here’s how it works!

1.Open your bottle and re-cork your bottle with the appropriate size stopper (there are 2 sizes attached)

2. Turn bottle upside down and place into the dispenser with the cord coming out the back

3. With valve closed, tug on the cord until you see air bubbles in the bottle, the stopper stays in place until refill

Due to the organic nature of our products, stone color, size, and shape may vary slightly.

Proudly made in Maine, USA

If a particular color or size appears to be unavailable, or sold out, please contact us, call 817-442-0400, or email describing the specific colors, sizes and accessories that interests you.  We will double check inventory, and get back to you with earliest ship date or special order information.

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